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Here you can search and find prices on accommodation that are cheaper than hotels at over 25,000 properties Worldwide. Not only this, but we are associated with the World’s largest negotiators of special deals on accommodation. So we are confident to back up our claim and guarantee the lowest available instant booking rates on the web. If you find a better price, just send our service department an email with the details after reading the conditions and using the correct form.

Many hotel , lodging or accommodation comes with free extras. It’s common to find free parking, use of facilities and some with meals as part of your stay’s accommodation package deal. We have last minute bookings that are instantly available within 20 days, with many allowing payment on arrival, with a small booking fee to reserve your room. You can also make longer term bookings for between 21 days and 1 year in advance, which have different conditions. So, for Last Minute Hotels , quality serviced apartments for or leisure, for holidays, long or short stays , accomodation and lodgings throughout the World – you’ve made the right choice.

Prices with three star discount hotels Worldwide start from US$35, five star discount hotels from US$99, last minute hotels and all year discounts. Prices are always subject to demand and availability.

Are you travelling as a group? Maybe you're looking at conference accommodation or for a special. Make sure you contact us to secure rooms at the best rates available. Please note that group rates are subject to different terms and conditions through our suppliers who will contact you. Just fill in the request forms to find out more.


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